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Digitally, Simply

Di empowers businesses with cutting-edge solutions in  GenAI, Automation Digital Commerce, and Telecom, helping them achieve tangible results

Who We Are

Empowering businesses to thrive in the age of Generative AI and Digitalization, one simplified step at a time

Di is a leading services company passionate about making cutting-edge technologies accessible and advantageous for businesses of all sizes and sectors. We believe digital transformation shouldn’t be complex or intimidating.   

Di’s Solutions

Generative AI

Integrate cutting-edge Generative AI seamlessly into your existing workflows. Choose from standalone AI solutions tailored to your specific needs, embed AI functionalities directly into your applications, or industry-specific Generative AI solutions, pre-trained and optimized for your unique business challenges. Gain a competitive edge with ML powered cash flow analysis and pinpoint predictions

Digital Commerce

Boost online sales through CRO strategies, website optimization for a seamless customer journey. Gain control with efficient inventory management tools. Leverage our expert design team to customize your Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento platform, fostering a user-friendly experience that converts visitors into loyal customers


Automate web, mobile, API, and security testing with industry-leading tools. Integrate seamlessly for continuous improvement. Our experts ensure comprehensive coverage with manual testing and performance optimization


Gain real-time insights with My Wallboards, simplify call recording with RAMP, and leverage VoiceSpider's AI for customer insights. Empower your team with ipScape's cloud contact center. Additional services: Never miss a lead, boost collaboration, stay connected globally, and empower customers with MyChoice.

Choose your dream team

Empower Your Growth with Di’s TAAS & Offshore Team Building Models

Team as a Service (TAAS)

Gain access to a pool of skilled software and product development professionals without the hassle of recruitment and onboarding. 

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Model

We help you build a high-performing offshore technical team, operate it seamlessly, and eventually transfer knowledge and ownership to your organization. Enabling development of long-term technical expertise within your business.

Resource Augmentation

Gain immediate access to skilled software and product development professionals to supplement your existing team. We handle recruitment, onboarding, and ongoing management, allowing you to focus on core business activities.

Results that matter

Measurable Success with Di

We Simplify

We simplify complex digital concepts, making them accessible and easy to understand.

We Collaborate

We collaborate closely with our partners, forming partnerships built on trust, transparency, and mutual success.

We Deliver

We deliver measurable and impactful outcomes, ensuring tangible results for your business.

Why Choose Di?

Tailored Solutions

We don't offer a one-size-fits-all approach. Our services are customized to your specific needs and goals.

Industry Expertise

We have a deep understanding of diverse industries and the unique challenges businesses face.

Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record of success in helping businesses achieve digital transformation goals.

Scalable Support

We offer a range of support options to fit your needs, from ongoing maintenance to project-based engagements.

What Our Client Says

Di is the last development team you'll ever need. Their level of due diligence goes unmatched, and it shows in the end product every time. From discovery, design and UX to project management and deployment, the team is a complete joy to work with. Having worked with over a dozen agencies on a number of projects, we can say with confidence Di is the last team we'll ever need.​

Great team! They are super flexible, responsive, and detailed. Di helped us launch an entirely new store- their module system is amazing. As someone who is not an expert in managing a website, we are glad we can rely on Do to help us and give advice on best practices. Would highly recommend!

Working with Di is one of the best investments we have made in our business. The team researched our industry and built a custom website in less than 4 weeks - it's a complete 360 from our previous website design and layout with improved functionality. We recommend this team to anyone looking for cutting-edge talent, dedication and passion for web development​

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